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Christopher Innes, Ph.D.

Innes portraitAdjunct Professor


Office: Chrisway Annex. (2103 University) Rm 142

Areas of Interest:

Analytical Marxism with emphasis on the similarities between Marxian thought and Liberalism, George Orwell’s notion of socialism, Children’s and Adult fiction and film as a medium for teaching philosophy.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101), Knowledge and Reality (PHIL 101), Classics of Western Philosophy (PHIL 102), Introduction to Logic (PHIL 201), Contemporary Political Ideologies (PHIL 443), Social Philosophy, Political Thought of the American West, Karl Marx: His Thought, Pixar and Dreamworld, The Philosophy of Seinfeld, Reason and Rationality in the Gangster Movie.


Christopher Innes was awarded his B.A. in Philosophy at Hull University in England, after which he was awarded his M.A. in Social and Political philosophy at Kent at Canterbury University in England. He was awarded his Ph.D. from Goldsmiths College – University of London in Social and Political Philosophy using a Wittgenstein approach to the family resemblances between Marx and Liberalism. The temperate climate and civil social environment of Boise suit Professor Innes and his two sons David and Malcolm who like to raft down the Boise River in the summer and sled down the mountains in the winter. Here professor Innes is often engaged in answering some of the ultimate philosophical questions posed by his two sons – “Why?” “What For?” and “Who Cares?” Professor Innes welcomes students with special interests in social or political philosophy to approach him if they wish to carry out research in this area.